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Aqualyx is an effective lipolytic product that is used for non-surgical procedures. With the help of the product, the patient will get rid of local fat and cellulite.




Fat dissolving injection AQUALYX is an aqueous compound solution of 12alfa-dihydroxy-5beta-24-oico cholanic acid sodium salts which is a modified compound of Cholanic Acid also known as Deoxycholic Acid. BUY AQUALYX ONLINE


Use AQUALYX as an injectable treatment of stubborn fat pockets located underneath the skin. Affected areas include saddle bags, thighs, stomach, chin, knees and so-called “man-boobs” that represent pseudo-gynocomastia in men as a result of weight gain rather than the growth of actual breast tissue.

It is best used for body contouring and fat removal while conducting a specific form of injection lipolysis, lipotherapy or intralipotherapy called “Aqualysis” or “Aquaplasty”.

Potential treatment areas include:


As stated above, AQUALYX is a compound solution from the deoxycholate family. Deoxycholic acid has been use in various spheres of human medicine since its discovery. Present also in the human body, Deoxycholic Acid’s main function is to emulsify the fats for the absorption in the intestine.

AQUALYX is an innovative lipolytic that dissolves and removes fat cells from the body, allowing you to effectively adjust body shape with just a few injections.

The main active ingredient of AQUALYX is sodium deoxycholate – a completely biocompatible salt of deoxycholic acid, which in our body is regularly produce’d by the liver. At a slightly lower concentration, it has been use for a long time for fat-burning mesotherapy; however, the new technique has significant differences:

A special gel-like structure of the agent allows be more accurate dividing subcutaneous fat. This not only helps to achieve a more positive result, but also reduces the risk of unwanted side effects
When working with AQUALIX, a fundamentally different injection technique is use. Intralipotherapy, during which much fewer injections are done (2 or 3).

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Upon contact with fat cells, the drug quickly breaks down their membranes (approximately the same effect is produce by ultrasonic liposuction – and, by the way, these techniques are often combine’d in one general course to enhance the result). Then the lymphatic system starts its action, which removes the fat from the body together with the resulting degradation products.

Like other lipolitics, AQUALIX is not a drug for weight loss. With its help it is impossible to get rid of extra pounds: for this diet, exercise or bariatric are much better. You can correct almost any part of the body – “the second chin”, neck, back, stomach, hips and even knees. But we strongly suggest to make all the necessary consultations and checking regarding procedure before ordering and using AQUALIX.


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