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Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needles (1×20 needles for small area)




Buy Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needles (1×20 needles for small area)

Buy Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needles (1×20 needles for small area). You can choose from two different sizes of the needle. The small area needles are 20-25G/70mm, while the medium-large area needles are size’d 20-24G/100mm. They allow easy and relatively painless injection of the fat dissolving solution. With easy to control depth and even distribution of the fat burning product, for better results.

How does it work?

While the Φ of the Lipoinject needles for fat burner injection is small. The high quality steel they are madee of makes the extremely strong. This penetration of the skin and fat layers is not a problem, while pain level is kept to a minimum.

The needles are use to inject the fat layer with with a special solution, that makes fat cells much easier to destroy. Once treated with the fat-dissolving product, ultrasound is used to safely destroy the cells via a simple mechanical method. The destroyed fat cells release water and lipis, which are completely safe and disposed off by the body in a natural way. This is a very popular method for body contouring, especially areas like the thighs, the buttocks, the abdomen.

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