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GANA HA Type B is here to challenge and change your perception of how a top-notch Hyaluronic Acid filler should act. This innovative anti-wrinkle and lip enhancement product has an effect’s longevity of up to 18 months!


Wholesale GANA HA Type B for licensed clinics

Modern women strive to look natural but still want to fix some appearance flaws or age-related imperfections. That is why they turn to aesthetic beauty clinics to feel more confident again. Even though the cosmetics market is competitive nowadays, few beauty clinics can provide the value for money every lady is out for. Why not take advantage of this situation and become a niche leader by cooperating with Global Dermal Fillers? As a GANA HA Type B supplier, we offer you the dermal filler from GANA R&D to do just that.

Whether you decide to run a safety, quality, or health test, it will pass them all. GANA R&D has impressive experience creating upscale filler injections, and GANA HA Type B, along with its well-balanced PH level, is the epitome of the manufacturer’s filler line. Your clients will be impressed with the incredible transformation of their skin tone and wrinkles going away that quickly.

Order GANA HA Type B online to expand your range of fillers

Many people often stay away from beauty clinics because they either lack money to afford procedures or fear possible side effects and unwanted off-work to recover. While it can be a good reason to reject other products, it is not the case with the 1.2 ml GANA HA Type B hyaluronic pen filler.

One injection session with this filler is enough to say bye to severe glabellar lines and other facial medium wrinkles for more than a year. The great news is that your clients can get back to their daily routine right after the procedure. Beauty treatments have never been so simple and effective!

With the 1.2 ml GANA HA Type B filler, lip augmentation is more natural, and skin is more youthful thanks to:

  • 10% cross-linking ratio 
  • filling effects that go deep in the skin
  • non-animal hyaluronic acid

This revolutionary product doesn’t have the side effects of typical fillers and stands out with the long-term effect. While its rivals can barely last for about 6 months before they vanish away, your clients will enjoy lip enhancement and a wrinkle-free appearance for up to 18 months!

Buy GANA HA Type B to see more clients coming

Let your clients look their best and without having to resort to tricks. At Global Dermal Fillers, we want to support you in doing so. That is why we deliver original aesthetic products to licensed clinics at affordable prices.

Global Dermal Fillers carries GANA HA Type B for sale with a shelf life of more than one year, so you have enough time to increase your turnover and get more regulars. 

Thanks to our large-scale business, we can offer you reasonable prices and occasional wow deals. It is not to mention additional discounts for those who place high-volume orders.

If you are ready to turn your clinic into a must-visit place for youth seekers and push your business to the next level, stock up on GANA HA Type B right away!


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