Nomelan Fenol Medium 40000813


Nomelan Fenol Medium 40000813

The Nomelan line of products have been specially formulated to help maintain the thickness of the stratum corneum whilst stimulating the turnover of dermoepidermal cells.



Nomelan Fenol Medium peel solution: Make skin shine from within

We all want to believe we look younger than our peers, but it’s often way off the mark. Strangers can determine your age at a glance as soon as they look at the condition of your facial skin. That’s because it may have become dehydrated and lost its elasticity along with the ability to regenerate. This is when Nomelan Fenol Medium enters the scene to deal with the first signs of aging. Mimic wrinkles, glabellar lines, and tired-looking skin will never become a reason for a bad mood and low self-esteem in your clients again!

At Global Dermal Fillers, we deliver authentic top-brand products to beauty clinics to make people happier with how they look. We would be glad to team up with you as a Nomelan Fenol Medium supplier.

The win-win cooperation is when we provide you with top-shelf chemical peel solutions, and you don’t have to pay for them over the odds. Global Dermal Fillers is your credible guide to the world of the best aesthetic products, including Nomelan Fenol!

Go for wholesale Nomelan Fenol Medium to delight your clients

Can you provide your customers with 10-year-younger makeovers in a matter of days? You can now do that with the right chemical peel solution. Order Nomelan Fenol Medium online to deliver this rejuvenation effect for whoever walks into your clinic. This solution is pretty light on the impacts on the outermost skin layers and is effective for all skin types.

Nomelan Fenol Medium is a revolutionary blend of hydroxy acids, phenol, retinol, and other ingredients that enables cosmetic treatment providers to deliver unmatched results with:

  • chemical peels that don’t hurt
  • procedures with multiple coats
  • no risk of skin pigmentation disorders

One week is long enough to see a visible improvement of the skin tone and texture! If your clients want to smooth out their fine and medium wrinkles, you can carry out up to 4 procedures, allowing for 3 to 4 weeks between them. The number of coats is determined by the skin type and thickness.

Make sure to never use more than 5 ml of the peeling agent per treatment. This applies to all cases, even if the skin flaws are severe.

Transform your peels with Nomelan Fenol Medium for sale

Even though people can’t defeat aging once and for all, you can help them reverse it and enjoy their youth longer. At Global Dermal Fillers, we assist you in accomplishing this mission. That’s why the cost of Nomelan Fenol Medium is so low for licensed clinics worldwide. Bonus: you can expand your customer base with this peeling agent.

We provide clinics and beauty treatment centers with hot deals every now and then and offer additional discounts for wholesale orders. When you buy Nomelan Fenol Medium online, you can be sure to get the peeling agent that can be used for months to come.

Turn your clinic or any other facility into a mecca for everyone who strives to maintain their youth!


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